Select Page is the first early adopters’ community in the UK. Its mission is to drive the adoption of new consumer technologies and help put new cool gadgets into the hands of the early adopters.

The idea of AvantGadget is to be the Lovefilm of consumer technology. Every 2 weeks each member gets a new device delivered personally in your hands or from one of our pickup locations in London. You control you devices queue and you can always rearrange, edit or add devices to it. You have enough time to properly try and experience its potential to change lives and become an integral part of your daily routine.

To return, either a courier comes where and when you tell him to pick it up, in our own box, or you drop it off in our London locations. In the end of each cycle, you have to give your honest opinion to the club and the maker. And if you really like the product – just keep it. We’ll charge you the keep price.


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Most Frequent Questions
If you have more questions get in touch on twitter or directly below
How many products do you plan to have
We would not launch until we have at least 60 products ready to ship. We will be conducting serveysamongst our members to choose the best products to list.
What is the price
We are still trying to figure out the price for the subscription. We will need our members to tell us where would be the address they want their products shipped to so that we can negotiate the best rates.
Do you deliver around the UK
For 2018 we are aiming to start in the greater London area. It does not mean we would not ship outside of London, but the time for delivery will be longer, thus you may have to play with the product for 8 instead of 10 days. We are still trying to figure it out, so sign up and you will help us get it solved.
Can I list my product
Any manufaturer of a smart product is welcome to contact us and get your product listed. We would review it, do a research amonghst our members and if we see demand we would gladly add you to the list.

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